2022 SoCal Swordfish Open

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International Game Fish Association

Celebrating 80 Years of The International Game Fish Association

IGFA Trustee and AFTCO CEO Bill Shedd - Become an IGFA Lifetime Member

Bimini Twist - IGFA Tutorial Video

IGFA Rules - Bridling Baits

Uni to Uni - IGFA Video Tutorial

Uni to Uni Knot - IGFA Video Tutorial with Mark Sosin

IGFA RULES - Two Hook Rigs with Natural Bait

IGFA Rules with Fly Navarro - Gaff Length

IGFA Rules - Mutilated Fish

IGFA Rules: Double Hooks with Skirted Lures

IGFA School of Sportfishing: Making a Wind On Leader

Snelling a hook - IGFA Video Tutorial

Setting The Drag - IGFA Video Tutorial

Quick Release Knot - IGFA Video Tutorial

No Name Knot - An IGFA Video Tutorial

Hufnagel Loop - IGFA Tutorial Video

IGFA Rules - Rod Handling

IGFA Great Marlin Race

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